Wow, entering our 8th year of chili making! We must admit, it's a LOT of chili. But we're excited about some new recipes for this season. And
we're excited about our 2015 Monsters of the Midway - John Fox as head coach should put some good defense back in our beloved Bears.
Bears Defense.  Ahh...that's a good sound!  So kick back for kickoff.  And let's get this party started!
Welcome to CFC 2015!!!
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Broncos vs. Panthers
Carolina Que Chili
Carolina Shrimp Boil Chili

Since the Carolina Panthers are essentially the southeastern Bears, you
know who we're cheering for here at CFC. Go Panthers! Gotta like Peyton
Manning - he's a class act, but the Broncos are going down!

We've got a lot of chili recipes so check out the Chicago Chili Archive and
the Around the League Chili Archive!

Enjoy the BIG GAME and cook up some yummy chili this weekend!
Big Game:  Sunday, February 7th @5:30 pm CST